Contact information for postponed games


Contact information for postponed games

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone a number of games due to bad weather in the past number of weeks. Also, from time to time games have to be postponed for a number of reasons (bereavement etc).

The following procedures MUST be followed by clubs regarding postponements of games.

1. Contact must be made with the League Secretary immediately, if a team believes that there is a likelihood of postponement.

2. If a decision has been made by the League Secretary that a postponement is granted, the home club must immediately contact the away team and inform them of the postponement. Under no circumstances should a home team allow an away team to travel unnecessarily.

3. The home club MUST ALSO contact the League PRO and inform him that the game has been postponed so that the TSDL website may be updated. Press reports of games have to be filed in Sunday evenings, and space me be being held for games that have been postponed.

4. If clubs do not follow the procedures outlined in 1, 2 or 3 above, they may be subject to disciplinary procedures and sanction by the TSDL committee.