FAI Webinar information nights re player registration 2022/23


FAI Webinar information nights re player registration 2022/23

We hope you’re keeping well.


The FAInet team will be running FAInet Webinars for any club or league to log on & get familiar with the Player Registration Process over the next couple of weeks.

This is to prepare Clubs & Leagues for the impending switch over to COMET system in December also.


Below are the upcoming scheduled dates for Player Registration Webinars available to book through Microsoft Teams invitation link below: 


Webinar 1: Monday 15th August > REGISTRATION LINK


Webinar 2: Tuesday 16th August >  REGISTRATION LINK


Webinar 3: Wednesday 24th August >  REGISTRATION LINK


Webinar 4: Thursday 25th August >  REGISTRATION LINK



The idea is you can log into any of the webinars that suit, the process is the exact same so feel free to attend any of the evenings. All Webinars are scheduled for a 7pm Start.


To sign up, please visit 1 of the 4 Microsoft links above & complete the registration. You will then be given a link to the FAInet Webinar hosted through Microsoft teams (you will be able to open this for free on your web browser on the night).


The below is an overview of what the webinar will run through, we welcome anyone who is unsure of the registration process or maybe who need’s refreshing to join in.


All FAInet webinar participants will follow along as the FAInet team takes them through a real time presentation of the below. A live questions and answers text box will be available and visible to all participants.


1. Introduction to the FAInet System & Updates of COMET system.

2. Overview of FAI Rule Part C Rule 1.2 Eligibility Rule

3. How to complete the Step 1 Process – Registration of a Brand-New Player (First Issue) & Transfer of a Player (Free Agent/In-season)

4. How to Check the Applications you have submitted to the League.

5. How to Create Squads on FAInet for the 2022 Calendar Season or the 2022/23 Winter Season.

6. How to Assign Players to a Squad.

7. Users will learn how to generate a Batch Registration Form & Filtered form

8. Users will learn how to upload a Completed Registration form in compliance with FAI Rule Part C Rule 1.2

9. In addition, users will be given a Question & Answer Session to cover any additional queries and additional functions that are available on FAInet.


Webinar Rules

1. Please input your Club & Name as Username when asking a Question

2. Please keep questions on topic and related to FAInet

3. Please be respectful of other attendees and the people presenting the webinar


Kind Regards,

FAInet Support