Fundraising Opportunities – Smart Lotto


Fundraising Opportunities – Smart Lotto

Smart Lotto is new and exciting start-up technology company based in the town of Belmullet, county Mayo and is simply passionate about developing new and exciting ways to assist clubs, charities and community organisations right across the country to enhance their revenue raising abilities to fund the valuable services that they provide.


The Smart Lotto team will be covering Tipp all day Monday 27th​ and would welcome any clubs to contact them to get a brief look at how this Free APP can double their fundraising efforts. We can meet them at their convenience.


This 3 minute video HERE shows how it works,  and this 7 mins discussion from the Business Programme on Today FM further explains.


We can show them the many benefits a Club can gain by having Smart Lotto expand their Lotto/Draws from local just participants  to a worldwide audience through this  Simple New Fundraising App.

Our sales team will spend all day and evening in Tipperary on Monday and would be delighted to meet and discuss.

They can indicate their interest to us by texting, emailing or phoning us at either of these numbers and we will get in touch on Monday.

John Fergus  – Senior Sales Executive

Mobile:  +353 83 447 7519

Phone:   +353 9782778