Guidelines for reporting on TSDL games, results and reports


Guidelines for reporting on TSDL games, results and reports

Sending in results and reports to the TSDL PRO after games on Sunday

In recent weeks, a number of clubs have not been sending in completed match reports to me in time to have results given to the league secretary, or for printing in the local media or onsite at, the leagues website.

It is important that at a minimum all results of games are with me as early as possible, and by 6pm on Sunday evening at the latest.

This is vital, as preparation of fixtures can change depending on results in a given week, for following weeks. For example, cup fixtures may be scheduled and this may mean league games have to be re-scheduled.

So timely results are vital.

How to send in results:

These can be sent into me a number of ways.

1. Ringing me on my mobile (087-6178013) or at home (062-63033)

2. Texting my mobile number with the result (087-6178013)

3. Sending me the result to the league e mail address,

Sending in match reports:

It is also vital to send in match reports in a timely fashion to ensure that they can be written up and sent to the Nationalist by Monday morning for printing.

Clubs in recent times have been using a number of different ways to send in reports i.e. calling them in to me, sending them in by text message, sending them to my e mail etc

All of these methods are fine, so long as the information on the report is understandable and gives an honest reflection of what happened in the game.

Below I will give a list of guidelines regarding reports that clubs should follow as a template when either ringing in results of games or sending them in by mail.

Guidelines for match reports:

Match reports can be sent in a variety of ways:

1. By ringing me after the game, and I will take a written report

2. By e mailing me at

3. By texting a report to me at 087-6178013

What should appear in a match report:

1. The score of the game at both half time and full time.

2. The approximate times of goals, the names of all goal scorers from both sides, and the sequence of goals from both sides, e.g. James Ryan scored for team A in the twenty fifth minute, and team B equalised eight minutes later with a header from Mick Murphy.

3. Any significant other events that happened in the game e.g. penalties awarded, players being sent off (without names) etc

What is NOT acceptable:

1. I cannot take a match report from a clubs own website, and re-print it in the newspaper. There are a number or reasons for this. It is an infringement of the clubs own copyright, and also the club reports are printed in the “present tense”, whereas I then have to re edit the report for the paper in the past tense.

For example, a club report may refer to a game played “this afternoon”, if the report is done on Sunday evening after the game, but to appear in the Nationalist, I have to re-edit the game to let readers know it was played “last Sunday”.

2. However, if a club e mails the report that they have also used on their website, in a separate mail, this is acceptable.

3. I cannot take reports from clubs Facebook pages. Again there are copyright issues, and I need a guarantee that the report has been written by either a club secretary or PRO (which is verified when you use e mail or text). This is in case the report has factual inaccuracies, which may be questioned by the league at a future date.

4. Another issue with expecting me to take a report from a Facebook page, is that many of these reports refer to players by their maiden names, e.g. John, Paddy, Mick etc, who may be known to local readers of the page, but are not known to people reading in the Nationalist.

5. Please avoid the use of nicknames and in jokes in reports. Readers of the Nationalist may not know these players or the joke reference, and also players may not wish to be known generally by a nick name.

6. Also it is very important that no criticism of referees or refereeing decisions is added into a report. They will not be printed. It is not for me to decide on the fairness or otherwise of a decision. If a club has an issue in this regard, it should be brought up in writing with the TSDL league secretary.

There are probably some other guidelines which I have forgotten, and if there are any other issues a club PRO or Secretary would like to clarify, please contact me by e mail or phone. I will be glad to help with any advice I can give.

I would like to iterate, that this is not a major problem. But I would like to nip the small problems in the bud before they become major ones. Please also remember, that there are league rules which govern the sending in or reports, and clubs who do not follow the guidelines are potentially opening themselves up to fines by the league.

Yours in Sport
Liam Browne
PRO, TSDL (087-6178013)mobile, (062-63033) home