Reporting of TSDL games to League PRO for newspaper reports


Reporting of TSDL games to League PRO for newspaper reports

As of Saturday 28th of September, all reports of TSDL games, both Youths and Junior games, must be made to the Liam Browne, PRO of the TSDL, by 7pm on the day of the game

This means for Youth games and Junior games played on Saturday, the report must be in by 7pm Saturday evening. 

For Junior games, the report must be in by 7pm on Sunday evening. 

Any club which does not make a report of a game inside this time, WILL receive a fine from the TSDL committee


Protocols for making reports: 

Reports can be rang in to Liam Browne on either 062-63033 or on 087-6178013. If the phone isn’t answered, a voice message with the report can be made, but a text message must also be sent to confirm that the voice message was left. 

Reports can also be made via

e mail to

text message to 087-6178013

Whatsapp text or voice message on 087-6178013


Sending a message to say the report is on a clubs Facebook page, is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

The report must still be sent via one of the above means. The reason for this, is that many Facebook posts are filled with nicknames or in jokes that members of a club Facebook page may understand, but are not known to the PRO, and therefore do not allow an accurate report to be made. 


What should a report contain: 

At a very minimum, a report should contain the following: 

The result of the game. 

The names of the scorers. 

The approximate times of the scorers. 

Any other significant events that happened in the game eg penalties, red cards, close chances etc

Written reports should be no more than 150-200 words in length

If anyone wants guidance regarding the writing of a report, please call Liam at 087-6178013