TSDL.ie and club internet information link up


TSDL.ie and club internet information link up

In our efforts to continue improving the TSDL site, and to make TSDL.ie the first point of contact for everything to do with junior football in South Tipperary, we would like to encourage closer co-operation between clubs and ourselves.

One of our first ideas is to acknowledge that many of the clubs themselves also have separate internet news pages, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc, and so we would like them to let us know what these are and their addresses, so that we can put links into our site pages linking back to the clubs own information.

We have done this already for a number of clubs on a trial basis, so if users wish to see what we mean, they can check out the Cashel Town, St Michaels and Peake Villa pages.

(These were used for no reason other than I already knew what their official internet pages were)

To link to a page, I will need the permission of a club secretary, as some pages are “unofficial” and created by well meaning fans.

If you wish to know more about this initiative, please send me a message on info@tsdl.ie