TSDL Result Service New Deadlines


TSDL Result Service New Deadlines

Because of new deadlines with the Nationalist the following must be sent in by the times outlined below:

All RESULTS and REPORTS must be sent to League PRO – JOHN BUTLER – who can be contacted on 0504-22371.

It is the duty of the ‘HOME TEAM‘ to phone in result and report giving the following details:-

RESULT with GOAL SCORERS AND TIMES from BOTH TEAMS and brief outline on the game.

The deadline for all results/reports is 5.30 PM on SUNDAY, but John is available at the above number to take your calls after your game has finished. This service is also available for midweek games.

Those responsible for this important promotion of their club and smooth function of the League, that have e-mail facilities may text RESULT straight after the game to 087-2966165 and then send a report not later than 10 PM on SUNDAY to info (at) tsdl.ie. Should you have any problem with that e-mail address you can sent it to tippsdl (at) gmail.com

Remember a text of match result will not suffice. You MUST submit the match details with all goal scorers from both teams via e-mail later in the day.

Clubs playing AWAY from home in a national or provincial cup outside this league must also contact John Butler with the details.

Clubs should be reminded that if their game is called off for any reason or abandoned must notify John Butler as soon as possible.

It only takes a few minutes to submit your result and Clubs should note that failure to use either of these services may be subject to a fine.

So please take note of this important information – put these numbers in your mobile or phone