TSDL Suspensions March 31st


TSDL Suspensions March 31st

The Disciplinary Committee have handed down the following suspensions as a result of players reaching 4 yellow cards, and the following players will be suspended subsequently, from Monday March 31st.

Darren Sweeney, Suirside

Shane Egan, Bansha Celtic

Lee Dudley, Tipperary Town

James Power, Cullen Lattin

Aaron Moroney, Clonmel Celtic

Stuart Hanrahan, Glengoole United

Sean Cormack, Rosegreen Rangers,

All games effective from Monday 31st, March


The following players have an extra 1 game suspension over the mandatory (effective 2 game suspension)

John Darmody, Suirside

Dean Mc Grath, Ballyneale