Plea for the return of the Tipperary Cup trophy


Plea for the return of the Tipperary Cup trophy

It is with reluctance that I am posting this following message, however due to the importance of it, I hope that it will result in a favourable outcome for all who have the best interests of football in Tipperary and in general at heart.

On the night of the TSDL AGM, the Tipperary Cup trophy was removed from St Michael’s clubhouse in Cooke Park, and has not been returned since, to either St Michael’s club nor the committee of the TSDL.

While there was no legitimate reason for anyone to remove the trophy, and perhaps it was even done as a prank at the time, its removal has caused upset for those involved with football in the TSDL.

The trophy itself has very little financial value, but it has a deep and meaningful historical and sentimental value, being the only trophy currently played for in the TSDL, that was also presented to the victors when the Tipperary Cup was played for on an all county basis. It has been held aloft by many of the finest players in clubs all over the county, and has been the focus of many a giant killing episode which has added to the stories and lore of players far and wide.

For this reason, the committee of the TSDL would like the trophy returned, so that it can be given out to future players, and continue the proud links with the Tipperary Cup’s¬†history.

As already stated, its removal may have been the result of a prank that went too far, and if so, the league are willing to overlook any consequence in return for the trophy.

There is also a reward on offer for information which would lead to its return, but the league feel it is their duty to give notice to any who attended the AGM when the trophy went missing, that if the trophy is not returned, then it will have no option but to seek help from An Garda Siochana in investigating the loss.

However, there is hopefully no need to exercise this option, so if you know of the trophies whereabouts, or have information which would lead to the successful return, please contact me or any other member of the TSDL committee on

087-6178013 or e mail @

Any information will be kept strictly confidential. The return of the trophy is the only priority for the Committee



Liam Browne