John Delaney Cup

Type: County Cup

Contested By: Junior teams from TSDL and NTDL


The John Delaney County Cup will see four teams from the Tipperary Southern & District League (TSDL) in action against four teams from the North Tipperary and District League (NTDL) as a pre-season competition. It follows in the footsteps of the Joe Delaney Youth Cup that has brought the two leagues that were operating independently since 1977 together in an official capacity.

This competition which is named in honour of FAI CEO John Delaney, a former St. Michael’s of Tipperary town player, has been involved in the promotion of soccer in the Premier County at the highest level like his father Joe before him. The county are indebted to his ongoing support that has helped improved facilities for many Clubs.

The competition is kindly sponsored by O’Neill Sportswear, Dublin and Darren Ward Jewellers, 1, Main Street, Cahir, who incidentally are also sponsors the Joe Delaney Youth Cup.

The winners:

2012-2013: St. Michael’s AFC (TSDL) beat Nenagh AFC (NTDL)
2011-2012: St. Michael’s AFC (TSDL) beat Nenagh AFC (NTDL)
2010-2011: St. Michael’s AFC (TSDL) beat Nenagh AFC (NTDL)