Tipperary Challenge Cup

Type: Domestic Cup

Contested By: Open to all Junior teams registered with the TSDL


The Galtee Perpetual Cup (now known as the Tipperary Challenge Cup) was donated to to the old County Tipperary League in 1972/73. St. Michael’s FC won it in 1972/73 and 1973/74. Nenagh FC are the only side not part of the TSDL to win it in 1974/75. St. Patrick’s of Cashel won it in 1975/76. Two-Mile-Borris became the last winners from the old County Tipperary League in 1976/77 and the first winners of the new Tipperary Southern and District League.

1977-1978 Two-Mile-Borris FC
1978-1979 Old Bridge (Clonmel)
1979-1980 Cahir Park
1980-1981 Clonmel Evergreen
1981-1982 Clonmel Evergreen
1982-1983 Old Bridge (Clonmel)
1983-1984 Clonmel Town
1984-1985 Clonmel Town
1985-1986 Killusty FC
1986-1987 Old Bridge (Clonmel)
1987-1988 Clonmel Town
1988-1989 St. Michael’s (Tipp)
1989-1990 Killusty FC
1990-1991 Clonmel Town
1991-1992 Cashel Town
1992-1993 Knocklong FC
1993-1994 Clonmel Town
1994-1995 St. Michael’s (Tipp)
1995-1996 Clonmel Town
1996-1997 Clonmel Town
1997-1998 St. Michael’s (Tipp)
1998-1999 Clonmel Town
1999-2000 Clonmel Town
2000-2001 Peake Villa (Thurles)
2001-2002 Clonmel Town
2002-2003 Clonmel Town
2003-2004 Clonmel Town
2004-2005 St. Michael’s (Tipp)
2005-2006 St. Michael’s (Tipp)
2006-2007 St. Michael’s B (Tipp)
2007-2008 Clonmel Town
2008-2009 Clonmel Celtic
2009-2010 Clonmel Celtic
2010-2011 St. Michael’s (Tipp)
2011-2012 St. Michael’s (Tipp)