Founding of TSDL July 1977 and Opening Fixtures September 1977

The inaugural General Meeting of the League was held in Hearn’s Hotel, Clonmel, on Saturday, 23rd July, 1977.

Thomas Keogh, Treasurer, Munster F.A., acted as chairman.

Clubs represented were: Rosegreen, Killusty, Two-Mile-Borris, Cahir Park, St. Patrick’s, Moyglass, Clonmel Hibs, Clonmel Town, St. Michael’s, Barron Park, Merck-Sharp-Dohme, Fethard and Ballymac.

Also present were V. Cummins, M.F.A. and O. Matthews from the Referees Society.
First item on the Agenda was the election of officers and committee.
Nominations for Chairman:

Liam Delahunty, proposed by St. Michael’s seconded by Two-Mile-Borris. There were no other nominations.

Nominations for Secretary:

Thomas Lewis, proposed by St. Pat’s seconded by Cahir Park. There were no other nominations.

Nominations for Treasurer:

Peter O’Reilly proposed by St. Pat’s seconded by Two-Mile-Borris. There were no other nominations.

A discussion then took place on the number of members to comprise the management committee. John Delahunty, Clonmel Town, seconded by P. Purtill, proposed nine members, including officers. Richard Fitzgerald, St. Pat’s., seconded by C. Alyward, Killusty, proposed seven members, including officers. The Clonmel Town proposal was carried.

Nominations were then taken as follows:

William O’Donoghue, Clonmel Hibs proposed by Clonmel Town and seconded by St. Michael’s

Richard Fitzgerald, St. Pat’s proposed by Rosegreen and seconded by Clonmel Hibs.

Richard Power, Ballymac proposed by Killusty and seconded by St. Michael’s.

Michael Flynn, St. Michael’s proposed by St. Michael’s seconded by St. Michael’s.

Patrick Guilfoyle, Two-Mile-Borris proposed by Clonmel Hibs seconded by St. Michael’s.

Matthew Tynan, Moyglass, proposed by Fethard seconded by Rosegreen.

John Delahunty, Clonmel Town, proposed by St. Michael’s seconded by Barron Park
Matthew Tynan requested permission to withdraw and thanked his proposer and seconder. The remaining nominees were then deemed elected.

A discussion then took place on a title for the New League. It was decided to meet the management committee of the North Tipperary League before deciding on a title. The Chairman instructed the clubs present to apply to the secretary for membership of the league.

Vincent Cummins, M.F.A., was asked to suppy twenty copies of the Cork A.U.L. rules, these rules, with slight alternations, to be adopted by the New League,
Meeting then adjourned.

Opening Fixtures September 1977

The first fixtures were played on Sunday 11th September with a shield competition. This was a grading competition with the teams split into four groups:
Group 1 – St. Patrick’s A, St. Michael’s, Clonmel Town, Killusty.
Group 2 – Two-Mile-Borris A, Fethard, Cahir Park B, Cashel United.
Group 3 – Cahir Park A, Clonmel Rangers, Two-Mile-Borris B, Rosegreen.
Group 4 – Clonmel Hibernians, Ballymac, St. Patrick’s B, Merck Sharp Dohme.

Killusty v. St. Michael’s; Clonmel Town v. St. Patrick’s A; Two-Mile-Borris v. Cashel United; Cahir Park B v. Fethard; Rosegreen v. Cahir Park A; Clonmel Rangers v. Two-Mile-Borris B; St. Patrick’s B v Clonmel Hibernians; M.S.D. v. Ballymac.
Kick-off 3.30 pm.

Second round games were on Sun September 18.

At the time there were applications from four other clubs that were being considered.

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